Ladies and Gentlemen,

We hope this special supplement will help you cover the parliamentary and local elections in Bulgaria on October 13,

Stefan Gospodinov

Chief of the Courier Press Service




Sofia, October 9, 1991          SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT




The National Assembly elections will be held on the basis of the proportional representation system. The Central Electoral Commission (CEC) will allocate the registered parties and coalitions the mathematical share of seats they are entitled to by applying the D’Hont system and the methodology of calculating the results of elections based on the proportional representation (ref. the Courier Press Service Bulletin No. 195/4, October 1991). The parties and coalitions with an aggregate vote of at least four per cent each of all valid votes cast all over the country are entitled to take part in the distribution of seats.

The restriction is not applicable to independent candidates.

The maximum possible number of electors in the Republic of Bulgaria is 6,500,000. According to calculations made by the CEC and comparative data of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Institute of Statistics, the actual number of electors will be about 6,300,000.

The country has been divided into 31 multi-member constituencies which will have to elect 240 candidates. The representation rate for each constituency is determined as the closest integer to the figure calculated in the following way:

     permanent residents in the constituency

240 x -----------------------------------

      permanent residents in Bulgaria

It is assumed that the number of people permanently residing in Bulgaria is 9,006, 651. The total number of the permanent residents of Sofia, which has been divided into three constituencies, is assumed to be 1,238,400.


The rate of representation (determined through dividing the number of population in the constituency by the number of seats is has been allocated) is the highest in Gabrovo and Smolyan:
41,976 and 41,958 respectively; the average representation rate for the country is 37,528.


65 parties and movements of a total of 104 structures registered in compliance with the Political Parties Act filed registration applications with the Central Electoral Commission. The CEC registered 63 parties within the prescribed time limit; two parties were refused registration: the Obnovlenie Independent Society Political Party (considered a fictitious structure) and the Union of Anti-communists in Bulgaria (as it is not registered through a court of law). Later on the CEC cancelled the registration of the New Christian Democratic Party (the submitted documents found forged) and the Supreme Court of the Republic cancelled the registration of the National Party of Labour, Private Owners, Producers and Creators (invalid documents submitted).

61 parties were allowed to compete in the parliamentary and local elections, 31 of which united in nine coalitions while 30 will run on separate lists. There will be 38 different ballot-papers.

Following are the coalitions and parties which will run in the elections arranged in the order of their registration by the CEC:

1. UNION OF DEMOCRATIC FORCES COALITION (blue ballot-paper): Democratic Party, Radical Democratic Party,

United Democratic Centre, Civil Initiative Movement, New Social Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Front, Alternative Social Liberal Party. Leader of the coalition: Filip Dimitrov, Chairman of the UDF National Coordinating Coucil;

2. LIBERAL PARTY-PERNIK (green ballot-paper). Chairman: Kiril Borissov;

3. UNION OF INDEPENDENT GUARANTORS (white ballot-paper with two horizontal green bands). Chief Guarantor-coordinator: Dr Marin Kamenov;

4. FREE COOPERATIVE PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - orange and green). National Coordinator: Dimiter Markovski;

5. BULGARIAN NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - green and yellow). Chairman: Luchezar Stoyanov;

6. ORGANIZATION OF HEART PATIENTS AND SOCIALLY DISADVANTAGED CITIZENS IN BULGARIA (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - blue, yellow, blue). Chairman: Dr Peter Todorov;

7. BULGARSKI OREL (Bulgarian Eagle) SOCIETY PARTY (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - green, lilac, green). Chairman: Margarita Kavlakova;

8. ELECTION ALLIANCE OF BSP (red ballot-paper): Bulgarian Socialist Party, Bulgarian Liberal Party, Fatherland Party of Labour, Christian Women’s Movement, Christian Republican Party, Stefan Stambolov National Liberal Party, Socialist Youth Union, Federation of the Bulgarian Socialist Youth. Leader of the coalition: Alexander Lilov, Chairman of the Supreme Council of the BSP;

9. LIBERAL CONGRESS PARTY (white ballot-paper with three horizontal green bands). Chairman: Yanko Yankov;

10. BULGARIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY FOR EUROPEAN AND WORLD STATES (white ballot-paper with three horizontal orange bands). Co-chairmen: Ivan Gurchev and Ivan Shabanov;

11. NATIONAL PATRIOTIC UNION PARTY (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - blue, green, blue). Chairman: Iliya Sipsev;

12. BULGARIAN NATIONAL RADICAL PARTY (white ballot-paper with one horizontal green band), unofficially supported by the Bulgarian Christian Democratic Party (Centre). Chairman: Dr Ivan Georgiev;
13. BULGARIAN COMMUNIST PARTY (white ballot-paper with three horizontal red bands. First Secretary of the Central Committee: Vladimir Spassov;

14. BULGARIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - blue and green. Chairman: Yolo Denev;

15. PREOBRAZHENIE POLITICAL FORUM (orange ballot-paper). Chairman: Professor Siyka Georgieva;

16. CHRISTIAN RADICAL PARTY (white ballot-paper with one horizontal orange band). Chairman: Totyu Petrov;

17. BULGARIAN AGRARIAN PARTY-UNITED (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands: green, orange, green). Secretary: Tsenko Barev;

18. BULGARIAN WORKERS’ SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal red bands). Secretary of the Central Committee: Manol Dimitrov;

19. BULGARIAN COMMUNIST PARTY - MARXISTS (white ballot-paper with one red horizontal band). Chairman: Boris Petkov;
20. SVOBODA (Freedom) COALITION FOR THE TURNOVO CONSTITUTION (white ballot-paper with three horizontal blue bands: Bulgarian People’s Party, Bulgarian Union for European Federation, Conservative Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Party of Freedom and Progress. Chairmen of the parties: Dimiter Brankov, Dimiter Popov, Ivan Edissonov, Vesselin Koshev and Ivan Georgiev;

21. INDEPENDENTS FOR DEMOCRACY MOVEMENT (white ballot-paper with one horizontal grey band). Chairman: Kouzman Kouzmanov;
22. MOVEMENT FOR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS (white ballot-paper with one horizontal pink band. Chairman of the Central Council: Ahmed Dogan;

23. BULGARIAN BUSINESS PARTY (white ballot paper with two horizontal bands - black and yellow). Chairman: Alexander Cherpokov;

24. PARTY OF THE FREE DEMOCRATS - CENTRE (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - yellow and blue). Chairman: Associate Professor Hristo Santoulov;
25. NIKOLA PETKOV BULGARIAN AGRARIAN PARTY (white ballot-paper with two vertical blue bands). Chief Secretary: Milan Drenchev;

26. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with one horizontal black band). Chairman: Peter Gogov;

27. BULGARIAN WORKERS’ AND PEASANTS' PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - red and green) Chairman: Stancho Stanchev;

28. CHRISTIAN RADICAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with one horizontal yellow band). Chairman: Lilyana Petkova;

29. The CONSTITUTIONAL FORUM POLITICAL CLUB will run in the Parliamentary elections on the list and with the ballot-paper of the Bulgarian Agrarian Party (United); it will run on a separate
30. UNION OF DEMOCRATIC FORCES-CENTRE COALITION (white ballot-paper with one horizontal blue band): Bulgarian Social Democratic Party. Eco-glasnost Political Club, Democratic Party - Plovdiv and Alternative Socialist Organization - Independent as an unofficial member. Leader of the coalition: Dr. Peter Dertliev;

31. UNION OF DEMOCRATIC FORCES - LIBERALS COALITION (white ballot-paper with three vertical yellow bands): Conservative Alliance Democratic Party, Green Party, Federation of Democracy Clubs. Chairmen of the parties: Stefan Stoyanov, Alexander Karakachanov and Petko Simeonov;

32. BULGARIAN REVOLUTIONARY YOUTH PARTY - VARNA (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - two blue and one red). Chairman: Angel Tsonev;

33. PARTY OF OWNERS IN BULGARIA (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - one green and two blue). Chairman of the Central Coordinating Council: Dimiter Todorov;

34. BULGARIAN NATIONAL UNION COALITION (white ballot-paper with three horizontal bands - green, yellow, green): Bulgarian Fatherland Party - Plovdiv, New Democracy Bulgarian National Union. Chairmen of the parties: Kroum Koumanov, Ivan Lazarov;

35. BULGARIAN BUSINESS BLOC (white ballot-paper with three horizontal black bands). Chairman: George Ganchev;

36. FREE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (white ballot-paper with two horizontal orange bands). Chairman: Dimiter Dimitrov;

37. PARTY FOR JUSTICE UNITED DEMOCRATIC UNION - TETEVEN (white ballot-paper with three horizontal pink bands). Chairman yossif Yossifov;

38. KINGDOM OF BULGARIA CONFEDERATION COALITION (white ballot-paper with two horizontal bands - red and blue): Enlightenment Society, Constitutional Union - Plovdiv. Chairmen: Dr. Dimiter Ivanov, Manol Zhournalov.